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Trail Work Completed

Page history last edited by Kevin 11 years, 7 months ago




Carlisle Trails Committee 

Carlisle, MA - USA


Trail Work Completed




Date - Time

Meeting Place




 Set sign post at cranberry bog  04/01/2007 - 11:00am  Cranberry bog  Trail Committee  done  
 Cut trees blocking trails - Estabrook, Great Brook, Greenough  04/01/2007 - 11:00am  O'Rourke Barn  Trail Committee  done  
 Walk potential trail between Greenough/GMNWR  04/22/2007 - 09:00am  Parking by bridge on Maple St.  Trail Committee, representatives from Land Stewards  done  
 Tree down across trail, about 18" diameter  4/24/07 - 5:00pm  100 yards south of Wolf Rock on western portion of Tophet Loop  Steve  done  Reported by Kevin - 978-318-7919
 trees down    Davis corridor - between top of hill and Prospect street turnoff  random passer-by?
 done  reported by Henry
 Town forest - about 13 "chain-saw" trees down   4/28/07  Biggest trees are on the south-side trail, but there are trees down throughout.  Trail committee   done  reported by Kevin. 
 2 small trees down  5/8/07  Rockstrom - one near Bert's bride, one toward Bartlett Farm.  Hand saw work.  Got the one near Bert's bridge.  Didn't find the Bartlett farm one, although there was one cut near the brook crossing.  Kevin  done  reported by Steve
 Tree down  5/12/07  Malcolm Meadows Loop, lower side.  Crown in trail - small stuff, but lots.  Kevin  done  reported by Steve
 Blue car fender next to trail  5/8/07  Halfway down Poole Swamp trail  Got it.  It's going to the transfer station on Thursday unless anybody wants it!  done  reported by Steve
 large pine + smaller oak down  on trail from Lowell Road to Old Morse road
 5/12/07  Chainsaw size pine about 15m from Lowell road - on the branch closer to the town center (i.e., left fork upon leaving Lowell Road)
Hand saw size Oak on same branch - very close to where it meets the other branch (i.e., close to the driveway)
 Got the small oak and a small pine close to the end of the trail, but not the large pine. Based on a conversation with George, the State Park wants to do this work themselves.  Kevin  done  Reported by Henry
 Bartlett Farm Boardwalk  05/27/2007  Brook crossing  Trail Committee and volunteers  done  Design by Marc
 Boardwalks floated out-of-place  6/17/07  along trail from Foss to Beaver Bridge
along cutoff trail from river to Beaver Bridge
Along trail from Greenough Dam to river
 Riverfest walkers  Done  reported by Henry
 Trail clearing along trail east of driveway from lower Little League Field to upper Soccer Field.  Clear entrance to trail across from lower Little League Field parking lot (rest of trail behind cemetary should be clear but could use a double check).  Tools needed include loppers, swing blade, and small handsaw.  6/16/07  Banta Davis Trails  Steve + Evan, Zach, Alec from Earth Science  Done  Reported by Marc
 Oak tree about halfway down the trail from the Greenough dam to the river. About 8" diameter.  6/9/07  River trail  Kevin  Done  Reported by Kevin

 Lots of flotsam along the River Trail and connector to Red Tail, medium maple down between first two long river trail Foss/GMWR boardwalks

       Looks done
 Reported by Steve

 beaver deceiver adjustments:  letting out more water than we want:
  - requires some discussion.  Upon investigation/reflection, there is more water in the beaver pond than there was when the upper deck was originally installed - but about 10" less than there was a month ago.

  - the family of ducks in the pond this morning seemed perfectly happy with the level.


 void...I think we are happy with what we have

 Large pine across the trail in Town Forest on back trail, near corner of Ray Watson's land.  8/11/07  Town Forest  Looks like someone got to that between last Tuesday and today (8/11/07).  There were another 3 trees down on the trail that heads to the swamp in the north-east corner, and I got those.  As far as I know, there is no more tree work to be done in town forest.  Kevin  Done  reported at OHD

8" white oak down across 3rd River trail boardwalk (1st bridge after Piggery road, going toward Greenough)

 25 August      done

Reported by Henry

 Replace deck on small Towle boardwalk
     Steve & Henry
 Done - 30 November
Bridge ditch at Greenough     Henry, Matt, Erin Done - 18 November  
  1 large pine + 1 10" oak    Between cell tower and woodward Meadow

25August: cut & partially rmoved the smaller tree.

1Nov: someone got them earlier this week.

 reported by Henry
2 broken boards - River Trail bridge closest to Greenough 11 October River Trail   Done (25 Nov) reported by Henry
Boardwalk construction in Davis Corridor 11/03/2007 - 09:00am Malcom Meadows parking Trails committee and volunteers Done (25 Nov) http://carlisletrails.pbwiki.com/
Boardwalk construction on Towle near Bingham Rd 11/04/2007 - 09:00am Bingham Street Trails committee and volunteers Done (10 Nov) http://carlisletrails.pbwiki.com/

 2- 10" oak blowdows at either end of Turtle trail

another 100' along the trail going south of the meadow

 6 July, 9:30AM

     Done  Reported by Warren Lyman (5 July)
 tree down near Bingham road end of Towle trail
       Done  reported by Mary Zoll, 13 August 08
 10" pine down on F&W trail adjacent to Woodward trail
(about 30' from "no dogs" sign closest Maple St)
       done  reported by Henry
13 August 08
 2 trees to cut on Malcolm Meadows outer loop.  Not huge but big enough for chain saw.
 Aug 15, 12:00pm
     Done  reported by Kevin 13 Aug 08
 12" tree (pine?) down on spur trail, near Banta-Davis porta-potties.
 Sept 24, 1:20pm
     Done  Reported by Mary Zoll, 3 Sept 08
 Large rotted tree (20") down on Two Rod Road near cutoff to Malcolm Meadows Loop
 Sept 24, 1:00pm
     Done  Reported by Kevin, 9/18/08
 14" pine down on FWS land, on trail leading to Woodwards from the Tobin Bridge.  Tree is abotu 50m past the long boardwark on the left branch of the bypass
 GMNWR    Done (kevin/george?)
 reported by Henry, 2 Nov 08
 rope broken on Beaver bridge (again)
28 Nov/08      replaced rope

 reported by Henry (broke again, at post)

 10" oak down across River Trail bridge (closest to Greenough)
5 grey choicedek boards broken
 4 July 08, 1-3PM
O'rourke barn
 Henry + Richard Ketchen


(replaced 6)

 Reported by Henry
23 June 08


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