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South Carlisle Trails

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South Carlisle
Davis Corridor (126 acres), Malcolm Meadows (34 acres)
Access: Brook Street; Two Rod Road.
Parking: Brook Street or parking lot at Malcolm Meadows on Stearns Street.
The Davis Corridor was formed from acquisitions made between 1974 and 1979. Malcolm Meadows obtained in 1995 locked in the open space, preserving forever access to the start of Two Rod Road. In "Carlisle Composite Community", Donald Lapham notes that Two Rod Road was begun when James Blood "asked for a road from his house to Concord," now Stearns Street and Two Rod Road, named for its width and dating from 1774. Two rods, or 33 feet, separate the stonewalls bordering much of the trail. Blood Farm Trail is an easy walk from the Bedford Road entrance to the Davis Corridor and is accessible from Long Ridge Road and Nowell Farme Road. Blood's Farm covered much of southeastern Carlisle 300 years ago.
A handicapped-accessible loop trail(1) within Malcolm Meadows borders a pine grove, offering springtime viewing of bluebirds and tree swallows using the nesting boxes. This trail was built by the combined efforts of the Trustees of the Reservation and the Carlisle Land Trust, with additional funding from the State of Massachusetts Greenways Program.
Sachs Greenway (24 acres)
Access: Baldwin Road Parking: Malcolm Meadows on Stearns Street.
Restrictions: Mountain bikes and horses prohibited.
The Sachs Greenway(2) links Baldwin Road and Two Rod Road. Acquired in 1997, the trail passes mainly through wetlands, taking a sharp right-angled turn midway over rocks and a stonewall.
The Rockstrom Land (7.5 acres)
Access: #605 School St. (enter drive and bear left).
Parking: None.
The Rockstrom Land was given to the town in 1998. The trail from School Street passes between a new development and Poole's Swamp, a 14.5-acre wetland purchased in 1999 by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation as additional wetland protection. Bellows Meadow(3), a 5-acre marsh with cattails and rushes, abuts Poole's and has been invaded by Phragmite, a non-native plant that is rapidly crowding out the native grasses. The trail joins the McCormick Trail (public trail easement on private land), which leads into Estabrook Woods.

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