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River Meadows

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River Meadows Reservation (606.8 Acres)
Access: From Foss Farm or the Greenough Land.
Restrictions: Due to Federal restrictions governing National Wildlife Refuges, bicycles, horses, and dogs are prohibited within the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge portion of the River Meadows Reservation.
River Meadows Reservation consists of Foss Farm, Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, and the Greenough Land. Its consolidation as a publicly accessible resource was completed in 1999 when Carlisle resold the O'Rourke farm purchases in 1998 to the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife as part of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Great Meadows links Foss Farm to Greenough, creating a wildlife corridor and conservation parcel along the Concord River stretching from Bedford to Billerica. The River Trail follows the Concord River from Foss Farm through Great Meadows to the Greenough Land. Several bridges constructed in the fall of 2004 make this passable for most of the year. Further inland, a through-trail already in place covers similar territory and offers drier passage in spring and early summer.

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