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Curve Street Conservation Lands
Hutchins and Robbins Fields (18.45 Acres)
Access: Curve and Fiske Streets.
Restrictions: Passive recreation permitted that does not interfere with the agricultural use.
The Hutchins and Robbins fields comprise some of the richest farmland in Carlisle and have been cultivated since early in the town's history. The Thomas Hutchins home originally sat on the site of the present Swanson house and his land included the cranberry bogs. George Robbins owned much of the land south of Curve Street running from Lowell Road to the east to the corner of Westford and Acton Streets to the south and west. Carlisle acquired the land in 1999 and plans to place a permanent Preservation Restriction on the land in exchange for State subsidization of the purchase. The Conservation Commission leases the farmland outto local farmers who raise feed corn and alfalfa there. A variety of other crops have also been grown in these fields over the years.
Swanson Land (2.0 Acres)
Access: From Robbins Field.
The Swanson land, which was a gift to the town, abuts the newly acquired Robbins field and extends the protected wildlife area.
Hart Farm Road (68.5 Acres)
Access: Curve Street and Otter Slide Trail.
During the negotiations for the Hart Farm development, the Harts deeded this land to the town for recreational use. Fifty-five acres are deeded without restrictions, with the remaining thirteen and a half deeded for conservation only, as they contain certified vernal pools holding several endangered species.

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