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Banta-Davis and Fox Hill

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Banta-Davis Land (40 acres)
Access: Bedford Road parking lot; boardwalk trail from Spalding Field; trail from Rodgers Road.
Parking: Parking lot off Bedford Road.
Banta-Davis trails link the Banta-Davis Field, Spalding Field, the town center, and the Rodgers Road neighborhood to the town's soccer, baseball, and track facilities. The trail to Rodgers Road is through wetland. To connect with Two Rod Road, continue down Rodgers Road to Stearns Street and enter via Malcolm Meadows.
The Green family, who settled here in the 1700s, formerly owned the Banta-Davis land. The parcel abuts Green Cemetery and is set aside for future school use, with part of the acreage reserved for future cemetery expansion. The southeastern section of the land is wooded, providing habitat for small animals.
Fox Hill (11 acres)
Access: Kimball Farm parking lot or Stearns Street
Parking: Kimball Farm parking lot or Stearns Street.
The town purchased the Fox Hill conservation land in 1980. The parcel includes the large field visible from Bedford Road and Stearns Street, plus a second, hilly field hidden from view. An unmarked trail through the middle of the second field runs into a patch of woods with a small stream.

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